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About DALI

Instantly locate leaks and intrusions in liquids, gas and steam pipelines for utilities and industry


DALI is a revolutionary pipeline monitoring system that helps reduce losses from NRW (Non-Revenue Water), waste and incidents. It is designed to help utility and industry asset managers save money and lead their businesses into a more sustainable future.

Unlike existing monitoring systems, DALI uses Distributed Acoustic Sensing (DAS) technology to automatically pinpoint the exact location of leaks and intrusions around the clock, allowing timely interventions and smarter asset management.


Rapid installation


24/7 monitoring


Locate leaks with 10 m accuracy


Reduce NRW and incident risk


Improve asset reliability and extend lifetime


Automatic alerts


“DALI has a high potential to detect leaks and intrusions in our transport pipeline network in real time and at affordable cost”

Wim Jacobs - Innovation Manager at FARYS (Belgium)

"The installation of DALI on our pipes went as we had hoped. Large and mid-size leaks were detected instantly by the AI algorithms, and results were later refined using smart analytics to find even smaller leaks in the days following the inspection. Toward the future, we see DALI as a valuable tool for permanently monitoring our larger pipelines, in order to be prepared for leaks during the long lifetime of the pipe system."

Victor Pelin - Specialist drinking water distribution at NSVA (Sweden)

The DALI installation went very smooth and we were impressed by the disinfection procedure used. We see great potential in the use of DALI for monitoring pipelines.

Stefan Knijnenburg - Advisor Innovation and Policy at Evides (The Netherlands)

Return on Investment

Installation and operation costs for the DALI system depend on specific pipeline characteristics such as length and pipeline material. However, a typical DALI installation costs less than 1% of a full pipeline replacement, while extending the lifetime of the existing pipeline by many years, reducing Non-Revenue Water (NRW) loss, and giving you full peace of mind about the condition of your assets.

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The system

How does it work?


Fiber optic cable is inserted in the pipeline

Durable microduct certified for use in drinking water.
Custom hot taps allow installation in pressurized pipes.
Fibers can also double as communication channel with valves and other sensors.


The Distributed Acoustic Sensor (DAS) is connected

The DAS records acoustic vibrations, turning the cable into thousands of microphones.
Our software locates these sounds within 10 m of their origin.
Machine-learning algorithms identify leaks and other anomalies.


24/7 monitoring and automatic alerts

Alerts are automatically sent via e-mail, SMS or SCADA and visualised on a dashboard.
Long-term monitoring results are summarized to support your maintenance strategy.
The system can also be installed temporarily for periodic or one-off incident detection.


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