Continuous pipeline monitoring

DALI uses fiber optic monitoring to detect leaks and intrusions in real time, protecting your pipeline infrastructure.

Product description

DALI is a revolutionary fiber optic monitoring system for every pipeline

Powered by Distributed Acoustic Sensing (DAS) technology, DALI accurately detects leaks and intrusions in pipelines. This helps utility companies and industrial facilities to reduce Non-Renue Water (NRW) and extend the service life of their assets. Thanks to its high fiber capacity, DALI can be used simultaneously to create your own fiber network.

Product features

DALI in detail

Here’s why  DALI is the best choice
for protecting your pipelines

Swift installation

DALI is installed without interrupting pipeline service. It’s also specifically designed for easy entry and exit of pipelines and bypassing valves.

24/7 real time monitoring

Your pipeline doesn't rest, and neither does DALI. Monitor performance 24/7 for optimal asset management and peace of mind.

Locate leaks with 5 m accuracy

DALI delivers precision. It automatically pinpoints leaks and intrusions in your pipelines with a resolution of 5 m.

All pipeline types, any pipe material

DALI can monitor all types of pipelines in any material. From steel water mains to plastic industrial pipelines, and more.

Drinking water approved

All DALI components and materials have been tested and approved for drinking water applications.

Improve asset management

DALI helps you reduce the risk of major pipe bursts and extend the service life of aging pipelines. As a result, you can plan maintenance more efficiently.

Stefan Knijnenburg

Advisor Innovation and Policy at Evides

“The DALI installation went very smooth and we were impressed by the disinfection procedure used. We see great potential in the use of DALI for monitoring pipelines.”

Wim Jacobs

Innovation Manager at FARYS

“DALI has a high potential to detect leaks and intrusions in our transport pipeline network in real time and at affordable cost.”

Victor Pelin

Specialist Drinking Water Distribution at NSVA

“The installation of DALI on our pipes went as we had hoped. AI quickly detected large and mid-sized leaks, with smart analytics refining results for smaller leaks later on. We consider DALI as a valuable, long-term monitoring tool for pipeline integrity.”
Telecom & smart networks

Unlock the full potential of fiber

DALI needs one optical fiber for monitoring, which means other available fibers can be used for connecting and (remotely) controlling network assets such as valves and sensors. The fibers can also be used for creating a data communication network or turning a water pipeline into a fiber backbone in collaboration with telecom operators.

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How it works

From fiber optic cable to monitoring

Here’s how DALI takes full advantage of fiber optic technology with Distributed Acoustic Sensing (DAS).

Fiber optic cable is inserted in the pipeline

A fiber optic cable is installed inside the pipeline, acting as a string of thousands of acoustic sensors along the length of the pipeline.

The Distributed Acoustic Sensor (DAS) is connected

The Distributed Acoustic Sensor, connected to one end of the fiber, uses a laser to send short pulses of light along the fiber. This creates a unique pattern of reflections. Vibrations from the environment disturb this reflection pattern in the pipeline. These optical signals return to the DAS system for analysis.

24/7 monitoring and automatic alerts

Using advanced signal processing and machine learning software, DALI accurately detects events like leaks and intrusions. A real-time online dashboard displays pipeline status, alarms, and sends notifications (e-mail, SMS or SCADA) to the DALI user.

Protect your pipeline infrastructure with fiber optic monitoring

Discover the potential of DALI in our downloadable brochure. With the next-gen pipeline monitoring solution and a data-driven approach you can continuously protect your pipeline infrastructure.


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What kind of sounds can you detect with DALI?

The DAS (Distributed Acoustic Sensor) that is at the heart of DALI detects any sounds or acoustic vibrations on the cable, from sub-Hz to several kHz (kilohertz). It registers any sound, including leaks, pumps, nearby digging activity, or unauthorized intrusions on the pipe. Advanced AI-based signal processing algorithms then filter out any irrelevant signals and raise an alarm in case of a leak or other important anomaly.

How long is the pipeline service interrupted to install the DALI system?

None. The entire DALI system can be installed on a live pipeline, without service interruptions. Thanks to our unique installation system, the fiber optic cable can be inserted, pulled, and extracted from the pipeline while the pipeline remains operational.

What is the maximum distance that can be covered by DALI?

A single DAS can cover up to 70 km of pipeline. If you place the DAS in a central location and use an optical switch, you can even monitor several times that distance. This makes DALI ideally suited for monitoring long, critical trunk mains. The fiber optic cable is installed in shorter reel lengths (facilitating installation and maintenance) and then spliced together into one continuous fiber link.

Can I use the fiber optic cable to communicate with other assets such as valves or sensors?

Yes. The DALI cable contains 12 or even 144 fibers, of which only 1 is needed for the monitoring. The other fibers can be used to create an internal communication network, or even be leased to telecom companies that are developing a fiber backbone.

Rick De Visscher

Co-owner & Co-director Vigotec and DALI

+32 499 11 97 75

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